Freshlook One Day Colours Reviews

Product: Freshlook One Day Colours

From: E. L., Petaling Jaya

Date: Thursday 14 April, 2016


I give these lens a rating of 5 out of 10. I bought the gray ones, and immediately after putting them on, there is a slight irritation. Vision was a little blurry and it takes some getting used to at first. Not as comfortable as others that Ive tried. Ive read some reviews on these lenses and I knew many had complained about it being uncomfortable and drying especially for dry and sensitive eyes. Eye drops didnt help as well. When I applied the drops, it really irritated my eyes to the extent that I had to take them out. And taking them out is another issue! Its really soft and a little difficult to pinch out of my eyes so the first one that I took out actually tore!

The colour though, is really good! Natural yet a touch of difference. My eyes looked more 3D and I really liked how pretty it made my eyes look!