1-Day MiaCare Confidence Color (10 pcs) Reviews

Product: 1-Day MiaCare Confidence Color (10 pcs)

From: E. L., Petaling Jaya

Date: Wednesday 13 April, 2016


These are the first colour contact lens Ive tried. Ive always been wearing colourless silicone hydrogel prescription contacts.

It was comfortable as most silicone hydrogel lenses are. Wore them all day at work. The colour is only slightly noticeable. I bought the brown one, and since Ive dark brown eyes, the brown lenses only made my eyes look slightly lighter than usual. At first, it looked as if my eyes were reddish brown, but once I got used to the colour difference, it was actually okay. Its a very natural and subtle colour change. It doesnt make a huge difference to the eyes. Good for work!

I noticed that there arent many brands with coloured silicone hydrogel lenses, other than the Air Optix colors. I prefer silicone hydrogel type of contacts as its much more comfortable and I dont need to apply eye drops to re- wet my eyes. It would be nice if there were more silicone hydrogel coloured lenses in the market.