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Many opticians and chains of opticians sell established contact lenses as an own brand, so called “private labels”. Customers who blindly trust their optician in the choice of lenses remain unaware of this. The own brands mostly conceal lenses of well-known manufacturers that MrLens can invariably offer cheaper under the original manufacturers’ name.
“The monthly lenses “Contact Life” by the manufacturer “Wöhlk” are available at MrLens for CHF 55.80 per pack. At the opticians the own brand “Contaview Premium” costs 86 franks, almost double.”

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Open your eyes at the opticians

This article from Swiss radio shows how you can save a large amount of money and reveals why it is worth choosing lens products carefully.

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Wise up!

This table from Swiss radio gives an overview of which products are hidden behind which names. Make a comparison, it’s worth it.

Overview of the private labels / own brands