Neo Cosmo 4 Tone


Offer Contains: 2 Lenses/Box
Replacement  : 3 Monthly Disposable

Material              : Hema-2
Water Content : 45%
Base Curve        : 8.6 mm
Diameter            : 14.2 mm

The World’s First breakthrough advanced technology that use 4 color layers in sandwich method to create unique lens designs composed of dark and light tone for each color.

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Siti Nur Atiqah Hairol


Not so comfortable

This contact lens brand dissapointed me a little bit. Not as comfortable as from colurvue brand line. Guess wont repurchase. But not bad as freshlook, just okay

Sadia Kabeer


Plese bring back the Spring Green.

I've worn only two brands of coloured contact lenses in my life and this is by far the better. The only downside is how hard they're to find. I was very happy to see they're available here but they've discontinued carrying my favourite colour Spring Green. Please bring it back! Great service from Mrlens though so big thumbs up. But please bring back the other colours.!






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Neo Cosmo 4 Tone






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