Bionics 1-Day Infinity (10 lenses)


Offer Contains: 10 lenses 
Replacement  : Daily Disposable 

Water Content : 55%
Diameter         : 14.2mm
Material           : Oculfilcon D  

Brialliantly and beautifully conceptualized, Bionics 1 day Infinity is the easiest way to natural, healty alluring eyes. Wear a fresh pair of lenses every day !

Natural Look

  • Natural Shades
  • Defined outline for alluring bigger, brighter eyes effect

Superior Comfort

  • Hydrophilic(water loving) surface for comfortable wear
  • 55% water contect for optimal comfort
  • Easy and fit, not curling lens prolem

Excellent Vision

  • Large optical zone for clear vision
  • Wide power range from -1.00D to -10.00D

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Special Price
RM 50.00
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RM 65.00

First eye

Normally 7 working days.

Second eye

Normally 7 working days.


Bionics 1-Day Infinity (10 lenses)






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