Biomedics 38

Offer Contains : 6 Lenses/Box
Replacement   : Monthly Disposable

Water Content:  38% H2O    
Material Content:
Diameter:  14mm    

Biomedics 38 is a monthly disposable contact lens with a long history of user satisfaction. These soft lens contacts have a visibility tint for easy handling and insertion.

Hydron Biomedics® lens holds it’s shape with no lens curling or roll up, giving you superior handling. The additional Softblue® visibility tint makes putting them on effortless. You will never have to worry about inside out lens ever again.

Using Liquid Edge Molding (LEM), an advanced manufacturing process. The lens emerges from the mold completely finished with exceptionally smooth surfaces and edges. Edging and polishing are not required thereby eliminating human error. Creating a complex lens design for optimal movement, wearing comfort and lens fit.

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Mrs., 26 - 32 years

Biomedics 38

I got these a long time ago from MrLens, mainly because i wanted to try a cheaper brand to my normal AirOptix prescriptions. I was utterly disappointed, could not wear them at all! Something to do with the material it was made of. It irritated my eyes so much. Asked my sister to try, it sat well with her eyes so eye reaction must vary from person to person. Wouldn't recommend to people with sensitive eyes!

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First eye

Normally 3 working days.

Second eye

Normally 3 working days.


Biomedics 38