Offer Contains: 6 Lenses/Box
Replacement  : 2-Week Disposable

Water Content   :  38%
Material Content:
  Senofilcon A
Diameter           : 14.0mm
ACUVUE® OASYS contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR Plus are the new contact lenses of Johnson & Johnson designed to help eyes stay moist and fresh. They provide unbelievable comfort even in demanding conditions, like an air conditioned office, when using a PC or on a plane. We’re sure that you’ll be happy with ACUVUE® OASYS, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Features and Benefits
• HYDRACLEAR Plus is our brand name for the next generation of our proprietary HYDRACLEAR technology that creates a more wettable, ultra smooth contact lens, especially for eyes that feel dry during contact lens wear.
• Reduced contact lens related dryness
• A soft and silky feel
• The highest level of UV Blocking available in today’s soft contact lens market – greater than 99% UVB and 95% UVA1
• Inside-out mark - to help you insert your lenses correctly every time
• Low protein deposits
• Helps keep your eyes feeling moist and fresh

Who should wear ACUVUE® OASYS with HYDRACLEAR Plus

• people who experienced discomfort due to dryness when wearing contact lenses
• people who are involved in activities where their eyes feel uncomfortable or irritated while wearing their contact lenses, such as air-conditioned environments, working at a computer, on a plane…
• people who use rewetting drops on a frequent basis
• people who stopped wearing contact lenses because their lenses felt dry on their eyes
• people who are interested in wearing contact lenses in challenging environments (air-conditioning, computer work…)

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RM 99.00
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RM 132.00

First eye

Normally 3 working days.

Second eye

Normally 3 working days.








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