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Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-Day (10 lenses) - Buy 6 Save RM10


Offer Contains  : 10 Lenses
Replacement    : Daily Disposable


Order 6boxes (same/different power) discount RM10 given at Payment Page
Perintah 6kotak(kuasa sama/beza) discount RM10 diberikan di Payment Page

Stock availability: Normally 3 working days.

Brialliantly and beautifully conceptualized, Freshkon Eyes 1-Day is the easiest way to natural, healty alluring eyes. Wear a fresh pair of lenses every day!

Natural Look

  • Natural Shades
  • Defined outline for alluring bigger, brighter eyes effect

Superior Comfort

  • Hydrophilic(water loving) surface for comfortable wear
  • 58% water contect for optimal comfort
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) of optimim ocular lubrication and hydration, thus enhanced comfort and clarity
  • Easy and fit, not curling lens prolem

Excellent Vision

Large optical zone for clear vision

  • Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D


Special Price
RM 35.00
our regular price
RM 40.00

Water content    : 58%    
Material content
: Hema
Diameter              : 14.2
Base Curve          : 8.50

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Product reviews Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-Day (10 lenses) - Buy 6 Save RM10

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Women, 24 - 30 years


5 of 5 Stars!

although it looks very light color but my eyes look natural after wearing it, wont felt dry for whole day

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