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Biofinity Toric

Offer Contains: 6 Lenses/Box
Replacement  : Monthly Disposable

Stock availability: Normally within 5-8 working days

Does the thought of wearing contact lenses late into the day or even overnight make you uncomfortable? Then relax, now there’s a soft, flexible, breathable lens like no other – Biofinity. 

Biofinity is made from the breakthrough Aquaform material that allows greater levels of oxygen to freely flow through the lens to the eye. Higher oxygen supply lenses are known to create whiter and healthier looking eyes for most contact lens wearers.

Biofinity also possesses and maintains a high level of water to ensure the lens remains soft and flexible, delivering real comfort through the day and night. 
Combining this perfect balance of water and exceptionally high levels of oxygen, Biofinity feels almost as natural as wearing no lenses at all. 

Without additives, coatings, wetting agents or surface treatments, Biofinity offers real comfort and natural breathability, giving you improved contact lens performance at any time of day. Or night. Freedom to comfortably wear contact lenses your way.


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RM 160.00
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RM 180.00

Water Content   :  48% H2O    
Material Content:
  Comfilcon A Siliconhydrogel
Diameter            :  14.5mm
Base Curve         :

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Women, 25 - 31 years


5 of 5 Stars!

I love it!!!

This item is the best. I used Air Optix and Maxim before. For me, Biofinity is better than Air Optix and Maxim. I felt like not wearing contract lens and less drying eyes.

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